Welcome! This is a Chinese-first website, but here is an overview of what’s available in English:

Who is Dashan?

A member of the Order of Canada, media personality and cultural ambassador in China for over 25 years …more

What Does Dashan Do?

I work as a bilingual emcee for both TV and live events, as an entertainer in comedy & drama, as a public speaker in English or Chinese on topics related to culture and media in China and as a cultural ambassador, doing whatever that means. Browse the portfolio…

Kan Dashan Blog

A collection of writings on my personal experiences as “Dashan”, observations on cross-cultural issues in general and with a particular focus on comedy & media in China. Take a look…

Social Media Footprint

Sometimes it feels like “One World, Two Internets” but I try to cover both. Follow me in Chinese on Sina Weibo and WeChat or in English on Facebook, Twitter and Quora.  …more

Contact Dashan

Seems a lot of people don’t believe it, but this really is the best way to reach me….

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