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Chinese Poetry

Over the course of the pandemic my interests took a more classical turn, and I started to work in my home studio on narrating pieces of classical Chinese poetry. In these I try to bring my own interpretation and something of a modern feel to the texts, while staying true to what I believe was the original intention of the poet.

Most of these poems were written over a thousand years ago. That they can still resonate today is a testimony to the preservation of the Chinese language, and to the universality of the human experience these poems represent.

Two Samples

"In the Northwest, a Tall Tower"

From Nineteen Ancient Poems, an anthology of poems said to date from the Han Dynasty, 2nd century CE. These early pieces were very influential on later poety in China.

"Searching, Seeking"

By Li Qingzhao, one of the greatest Chinese poets. This piece is lyric poetry set to the tune "Note on Note (extended)”, although the music has been lost to time.

These videos can be found on my YouTube channel, but primary distribution is through Chinese video hosting sights and WeChat Channels in particular. As I write this, the most recent video is showing 900 views on YouTube, 1.5 million on Douyin and 5.3 million on WeChat. So you can see why my primary focus is on Chinese social media...

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