Dashan Live

Dashan on Social Media

I'm not super active on any of these platforms, but I do post things from time-to-time to share my latest news. Here's where you can find me:

微博 Weibo

Weibo is not as influential as it has been in the past, but his is the best place to broadcast messages to the public.

WeChat is the king of Chinese social media, but it's more of a closed platform than Weibo. I maintain a page here simply for reference. Click on the button above an scan the QR code, or search for 大山侃大山 under "subscription accounts" inside the WeChat app.


So much for the Internet bringing us together, I guess. For the most part, my audience is just not on these platforms. Still, I post some news and videos on these sites too.

Douyin Douyin

Short Videos: I have been doing some experimenting with short videos. Nothing regular yet, but you can scan to follow my Douyin channel here: