Personalized Messages

Personalized Messages

Send your family or friends a personalized video message from Dashan!

For birthdays, anniversaries, to mark a special occasion or just to let someone know "I'm thinking of you..." Let Dashan say it for you.



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Payment in RMB by WeChat or Alipay.

Personalized Messages
Personalized Messages

Truly personal and personable

The video came out better than I had imagined! Truly personal and personable. I'm sure my mother would love it. Thank you Dashan!



The best gift idea

我花的最值的一次生日礼物,帮我把想说的话都说了,太感谢了。the best gift idea i have ever spent on. Dashan is truly an artist of language. thanks for your kind wishes to my Mom.

I wish you could see my friend's reaction

大山 Thank you so much! I wish you could see my friend's reaction. She absolutely loved it - it was so funny and she shared it with her family in China too. They're so surprised that Dashan said happy birthday. We all loved it! I will definitely recommend


谢谢您呀,这么就快收到您发来的视频!爷爷奶奶非常高兴,他们都好激动呢!奶奶还对着视频,同您讲话,哈,很棒! 您那么真诚,工作那么认真,我们都好感动呢。嗯嗯,真的得好好向您学习!

Very attentive to my “notes”

Wife overjoyed. 大山 did a great job and was very attentive to my “notes” to help him prepare the video. Will definitely consider doing this again. What a treat.

Dashan forgot to say one thing in the first video and then he redid a new one

This video is amazingly fabulous!!!! Master Dashan forgot to say one thing in the first video and then he redid a new one for me!!! The video ended up perfect and I can tell he definitely is a perfectionist!!! Hahahah! I can’t wait to share this special greeting with my sister and see her reaction! I really appreciate his professionalism!! Totally recommend!