Dashan Live

Dashan Live

This is the main thing I've been working on in recent years, developing and touring my own one-man show.

Pre-pandemic plan for 2020 included a 10-city cross-Canada tour in addition to 20-some cities across China... When the pandemic hit, I just decided to put it all aside rather than bang my head against a wall waiting for the first chance to return. Take some time to work on those "backburner" ideas, recharge batteries and come back fresh when the time is right.

And here we are! I made the first tentative moves back to live performing in September 2022, and started putting together a new show called "Dashan & Friends". Links here will direct you to more information on the Chinese side of my site, including our upcoming performance at the Vancouver Playhouse on April 29, 2023.

Dashan Live
Dashan Live
What is Dashan Live?

Chinese audiences all know "Dashan" from TV. Through this live show, I tell another side of the story, having a bit of fun with my own public image and sharing some of the behind-the-scene stories from my career, 30 years of working between East & West. "Dashan Live" has been performed across China as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe.

2 Minute Video Intro

More Video

Dashan Live Dashan Live
Dashan: Xiangsheng Changed My Life

Short clip from January, 2020

Dashan Live at the Sony Centre, Toronto

A guest appearance with new material: "Learning Cantonese"

Dragon TV Dragon TV
Dashan Live on Dragon TV

First appearance back on TV in the new format.

Dashan Live Dashan Live
Dashan Live at the Star Theatre, Beijing

How did I end up with a ridiculous name like "Dashan"?