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Personalized Messages Personalized messages
Personalized Video Messages

Send your family or friends a personalized video message from Dashan to mark a special occasion. Now available with payment in RMB by WeChat or Alipay.

Verses of Chu Verses of Chu
Poetry Narration

My interests took a more classical turn in 2020. Comedy is about being engaged and relevant, and it's hard to maintain that edge when you're not on stage in front of live audiences. On the other hand, it's a great opportunity for brushing up on Chinese poetry...

Gilbert Memoirs Gilbert Memoirs
Kweiteh Memoirs

Narrating the memoirs of a Canadian doctor who led a refugee camp in Henan during the Japanese occupation of 1938, available on Soundcloud and Ximalaya.

Master Calligrapher Master Calligrapher
Xiangsheng: "Master Calligrapher"

A county official with an outsized reputation as a "master calligrapher" is put to the test. Only he himself knows that his "mastery" is limited to just 5 Chinese characters, but will that be enough?

Dashan on Guangdong TV Dashan on Guangdong TV
Xiangsheng: "Four Famous Dishes"

Adapted from a traditional xiangsheng piece, this was one of the last live performances I did in early 2020 before the pandemic struck, later edited and broadcast on Guangdong TV in March, 2021.

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