Dashan Live will be touring
Australia & New Zealand
in April/May 2017

This is an experiment in bringing two worlds closer together. Melbourne hosts the world's third largest comedy festival (after Montreal & Edinburgh) and the largest in the Asia Pacific region. Melbourne is also a city with a huge Chinese community, comprising over 7% of the city's population and growing rapidly. Yet the two seem to exist in parallel universes.

Big name Chinese comedians often tour and perform across Australia and New Zealand, but don't participate in these almost exclusively English language festivals. And while the festivals have made an effort to diversify, the occasional Mandarin or Cantonese shows have been relegated to smaller clubs on the fringe.

So, for each of these three cities, "Dashan Live" marks the first time Chinese language comedy has moved to the big stage right in the heart of the festival.

Seriously, how can you have a major "international comedy festival" in the Asia Pacific without a Chinese language stage?

In the same way Dashan is working with Kung Fu Komedy to bring English & Chinese together for the China International Comedy Festival, let's bring some more Chinese comedy to the global stage!



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